Flood of the CRC Op-eds

A busy weekend:

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  1. Why we are in the fix we’re in across the Columbia? In 1958, ODOT, then the Highway Department, converted the original 1917 arterial bridge (which even had an inter-urban rail line at one point) into the northbound I-5 freeway. It was the typical Oregon “on the cheap” way of doing things in those days. They never built a real freeway bridge across the River!
    Now ODOT should just give us a replacement arterial bridge, put light rail and bike/ped facilities on it, and remove a few of the excess on/off ramps so the freeway works worth a damn.
    Oh, and to pay for the deal charge the same toll we paid for the ’58 bridge adjusted for inflation…about $5 in-bound only.

  2. We can easily replace the current CRC with a bridge that traverses the Columbia in a straight line. We’re choosing to complicate that option, so we have to deal with the results.

    It’s like banning breeder reactors, but a helluva lot easier.

  3. Chris,

    Did you even read Sarasohn’s article? Sounds to me like he is opposing the rush, not endorsing s bridge type. If you’re going to summarize the news, you gotta read it buddy.


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