Stinging CRC Rebuke from NYC

I just want to highlight this comment left earlier this evening on an earlier post about the Columbia River Crossing. Hard to say it more articulately:

February 8, 2011 8:09 PM
David Bragdon Says:

The real question, and the one which will determine whether anything gets built, is whether the Governors recognize that for the second time in six months the ODOT/WashDOT management group has been given a resoundingly failing grade by their own hand-picked experts? One law of bureaucratic physics is that agencies that have created a mess tend to spend more energy covering up the mess than cleaning it up. That’s exactly what ODOT/WashDOT have been doing for many years on this project. Nothing will change until that management is replaced by a team that can get things done right. Simply referring the matter back to the very same management that made the mess (which the Governors made the mistake of doing last summer) will simply lead to more failure.

[The commenter information appears authentic, although I have not made any efforts to verify it in any depth.]

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