February 2011 Open Thread

Your February 2011 open thread

Here is your open thread for February, 2011. Initial preparatory work on the new bridge for MLR gets underway on Wednesday, resulting in a temporary detour for Esplanade users. Legend has it, if the groundhog sees his shadow, we’ll have six more lines of light rail built in the city.

And the city of Beaverton is promoting a draft of its proposed civic plan, designed to tame (among other things) the infamous sprawlevard that is Canyon Road. Not muich for transit in the plan, other than improved pedestrian access to the Beaverton TC and Beaverton Central MAX stations, but lots of goodies for bicyclists and walkers in the plan. (I, for one, was kinda of hoping for at least a few exclusive bus lanes in the vicinity of Beaverton TC).

With that, the open thread is now….. open.

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