Block Groups Complete

Our census block groups map for our equity project is now fully scored:

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It contains the same browser feature as the tract map, you can click on a block group to see its score, then click through to a map of the block group and the sample points.

At this level I think some patterns begin to be discernible. Outside of the central city the only areas with really excellent service (consistently 70 or above) are along the Banfield LRT corridor. Living on three light rail lines appears to have its advantages.

But the “brighter green” (50 and above) seems to pretty well map to areas covered by frequent service routes and other light rail lines.

There is still opportunity for considerable variation within a block group. My own block group in NW Portland runs from Burnside to Thurman and has scores from the mid-fifties up to ninety.

I’m not likely to have time to match this to demographics until the end of the month, so please be patient…

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