Category: Transit Equity

  • Fare Relief

    TriMet has a new program for distributing fares to low-income system users via non-profit providers. So for example if you were going to a non-profit medical clinic and were income-qualified, the clinic could provide with you with free tickets for your visit. TriMet is putting about $300K into this program, with up to $25K in […]

  • Making the Case for Transit Equity

    Via Portland Afoot and our friend Al… A very nice presentation deck put together by OPAL with a view on the equity impacts of the current TriMet budget proposals. A key point is the involvement of transit-dependent riders in the actual decision power structure. Only one of TriMet’s board members is a regular transit rider. […]

  • Defending the Youth Pass

    This Op-ed piece was passed on from OPAL (Organizing People, Activating Leaders). A version also appears on TRIMET YOUTHPASS: CREATING OUR TRANSIT RIDERS OF THE FUTURE Our region prides itself on sustainability, ideally a harmonious balance between economic vitality, environmental health and social equity. In order to meet our sustainability challenges for the coming […]

  • The plight of the auto-dependent motorist

    A discussion of the “auto dependent” and “choice” motorists.

  • What Brookings Has to Say About Portland’s Transit Equity

    A recent Brookings Institute report puts Portland at the 12th best transit city in the U.S. This has gotten a lot of local media play because it contrasts with a recent popular media publication that put us first (more than a few of us were skeptical about that, if happy to accept the accolade). But […]