What’s the Right Scale for Our Equity Analysis?

The first pass of scoring is complete, sort of. The map of all the selected tracts is below, and it’s apparent that the strategy of selecting just those tracts that have bus stops is insufficient, there are a number of census tracts inside the TriMet service boundary that have no bus stops. So I need to do a bit more work on that.

But I’m more interested in the fact that the map is pretty “flat”. There aren’t a lot of variations from tract to tract (there is of course the expected increase in scores as you move toward the center of the region). I’m wondering if a census tract is too large a unit, if it “evens out” differences in service levels across too big a geographic area.

One commenter suggested using census block groups, the next smaller unit (about 3 or 4 per tract). I’m going to look at that because the ACS data will have some information at that level.

So look for another map, hopefully by next week. I’d welcome other thoughts or suggestions. And I’ll get a tabular data set of points up once I’ve filled in the holes in my map.

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