What Point in our Region Has the Most Access to Destinations via Transit?

According to the work for our Transit Equity project, SW 10th and Yamhill is the winner with a 93 Transit Score.

I couldn’t find any points on the Transit Mall higher than 92. My guess is that the access to the additional destinations reached by Streetcar provides a slight edge.

Of course our process just does sampling. There could be a 94 lurking out there somewhere…

This is just a teaser. You’ll have a full report on the status of our efforts on Monday.

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4 responses to “What Point in our Region Has the Most Access to Destinations via Transit?”

  1. Personally, I’m for a downtown Target. More jobs, good location, it has decent prices compared to Pioneer Place, and hey, if it works for Safeway, it could work for Target.

    Oh, and on topic, I’m surprised it’s not Pioneer Square that comes out on top. 15 bus lines, all 4 MAX lines… why is Bus so undervalued?

  2. it would be great if it could decipher trunk lines for buses and treat them as something near or on par with rail.

    i also would have guessed pioneer square & pioneer place as the highest in the region. i recall looking when transit score first debuted and westlake square in seattle was quite a bit higher than pioneer courthouse square.

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