Transit Appliance Gets Some Notice – Time for a New Name?

I’ve been pleased to see that the posts on this site and on StreetFilms about the Transit Appliance have been retweeted and syndicated, bouncing around the net for a few days.

And yesterday it got some love on the PDXCommute blog.

I also had a chance to show it off at GOSCON (Government Open Source conference) with a unit on the OpenPlans exhibit table (thanks, Michael and Nick) and a brief overview during the TriMet open data presentation.

Time to get a few more out in the field for testing and generate an architecture for a scalable rollout. I’m hoping to engage the local open source developer community to build many of the pieces we’ll need to take this mainstream.

It’s also been suggested that we need a better name than ‘Transit Appliance’. Perhaps we should just use “Transit Board™” which is the name for the web application we’re running (which we’ve had since about 2007).

Or maybe we need something more original – I’m open to suggestions (all ideas become the property of Portland Transport – you’ve been warned)!

3 responses to “Transit Appliance Gets Some Notice – Time for a New Name?”

  1. How about “T-Board”…the logo for Portland Transport could be modified accordingly by stretching out the space between the wheels.

    Then there are “T-Pad” & “T-pod”, but there might be copyright issues.

  2. R A Fontes is on to something, I think “TransitPod” would do nicely, although Apple is sometimes aggressive against anything with the letters “POD” in there, and it might confuse a few people looking for PRT pods. :-)

  3. Now you’ve done it, Bob! Much like other forbidden incantations such as “Beetlejuice”, “Voldemort”, or “Hastur”, your utterance of the forbiddn phrase “PRT” is bound to summon a swarm of gadgetbahn fanatics onto PortlandTransport like a plague of locusts.

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