Our First Transit Equity Results

Patience, there’s going to be a little bit of detail here…

We have completed our first full (and raw and tentative) data set for the equity project. We have accumulated transit scores for over 12,000 points in the three-county area.

I decided for the sake of completeness to include all census tracts that include some portion of the TriMet service district. This is includes a tract that has a few bus stops in Estacada and a whole bunch of the Mt. Hood National Forest. There are several of these large, mostly outside, tracts, so in fact about a quarter of the sampled points have a zero transit score.

This should get sorted out when we shift to block group level data.

But we now have a complete map (yes, there is indeed a donut hole in the service district near Happy Valley):

A more useful map is this browsable one (I’m learning about the ways to load KML, but don’t understand them all yet!). If you click on a tract, you’ll get a bubble with the tract ID and the score. Click on the tract ID and you’ll launch a new map with just that tract and our sample points for the tract. You can click on those to get the scores at those points.

So that you can fully look over our shoulder, all the data for this data set (I’m calling it our October 2010 set) can be found here:


In addition to the Census shapefiles we used, you’ll also find these items:

Tomorrow In a few days we’ll start looking at matching this up with some demographics.

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