CRC Compromise Approaching?

Metro President David Bragdon and Portland Mayor Sam Adams released a joint statement earlier today calling for a Columbia River Crossing project that builds a bridge capable of holding 10 lanes with full shoulders, but only striping the bridge for 8 lanes at opening. They also call for a revised interchange strategy for Hayden Island to protect Island livability (lots more detail – read it!).

But the two leaders also have an accompanying set of guidelines that gets to what is likely to be the heart of the matter – who manages the performance of the bridge? And their answer is a locally representative group, NOT the state DOTs.

Will the Governors give up this control to move the project forward? This is going to be interesting to watch.

But for fans of a supplemental bridge approach (yours truly included) who believe the first principle of sustainability is to not throw away existing assets, this compromise is far from perfect.

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