A Truly Independent CRC Panel

Metro Councilor Robert Liberty has put together a diverse panel to discuss alternatives to the Columbia River Crossing, to be convened on September 14th. Don’t miss it. Full details below…

Metro Councilor Robert Liberty Convenes Panel Discussion
of Alternatives to Current Columbia River Crossing Proposal
7 to 9 PM Tuesday September 14, 2010

The Columbia River Crossing project is a $2.6 to $3.6 billion proposal to widen I-5, rebuild and replace freeway interchanges and extend light rail between Vancouver and North Portland .

The Columbia River Crossing project in its current form is facing very serious financial and political challenges.

Metro Councilor Robert Liberty believes it is important to begin a community discussion of some alternatives to the current proposal, in the event it is infeasible.

Over the last several months he has solicited suggestions of alternative approaches to the problems which the current CRC is supposed to address. He has asked a panel of experts and community leaders to gather for a group discussion of the merits of these proposals.

The panel discussion will be held on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 from 7 to 9 PM in the Portland Building auditorium, 1120 SW Fifth Avenue in downtown Portland. The location adjoins the transit mall and can be accessed by all TriMet buses and light rail vehicles.

Confirmed panelists are:

  • Gary Toth, Senior Director, Transportation Initiatives with the Project for Public Spaces & former Director, Project Planning and Development, New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • Mary Nolan, Oregon House Majority Leader
  • Chris Girard, President/CEO of Plaid Pantry
  • Keith Lawton, transportation consultant; previously Transportation Planner, Metro, Portland, Oregon 1975 – 2004.

Additional panelists may be participating.

Councilor Liberty will moderate the panel discussion.

The panelists will not endorse a particular proposal but illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative and its elements.

The event is free and open to the public. Space is limited.

2 responses to “A Truly Independent CRC Panel”

  1. Bravo Robert!
    The CRC process has been a ODOT/WSDOT public relations campaign from the get go, not a planning effort. $100 Million gets you a lot of sound bites, but can’t get beyond the fact that $3.6 Billion plus is a lot of money to spend to save Clark county commuters a few minutes.
    Local trips need a local bridge.
    Meaningful transit needs its own ROW.
    10% of trips by bike is reasonable if you build the right facility. Remove all these trips from I-5, and it will work just fine.

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