Corridor Tolls for the CRC?

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt proposed corridor tolling for I-5 as a Columbia River Crossing financing tool at Friday’s work session.

The idea is to toll not just the crossing itself, but segments on either side of the river as well. The political motivation is to spread the costs across a greater set of users. The policy rationale is that drivers who user I-5 near the bridge – but don’t cross it – still benefit from reduction in congestion.

If you threw in doing the same for I-205, I could feel some enthusiasm for this approach.

2 responses to “Corridor Tolls for the CRC?”

  1. still seems like another way to try to get Oregonians to pay for Washingtonians problem…
    Depending on how it is implemented it also sounds like something that could push more i-5 traffic onto local streets…

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