A Brief Glimpse of the URS CRC Report

A little bit ago, I referenced that testimony had been presented to the Independent Review Panel for the Columbia River Crossing by a consultant hired by the City of Portland to review the project data.

A few PowerPoint slides (PDF) from the URS (the consultant hired by the City) presentation are now on the the review panel web site.

The slides hint at two important ideas:

  1. It would appear that I-5 South will congest (V/C or Volume/Capacity ratio approaches 1.0) by 2030 at about the Alberta exit
  2. URS is suggesting looking at combining the Hayden Island and Marine Drive interchanges as a way to reduce the number of overall lanes

I don’t quite grasp how that combined interchange would work, but I’ll look forward to seeing concepts. URS is also charged to develop ideas for reducing additional auxiliary lanes in both directions and I’ll look forward to concepts as well.

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