Seattle to Ditch its Trolleybuses?

Via Planetizen:

The Seattle Times is reporting that Seattle is considering replacing its electric trolleybuses with hybrid buses to save money, although this perspective is not universally supported.

Human Transit has an analysis of factors that might cause cities to curtail or replace trolleybus systems.


5 responses to “Seattle to Ditch its Trolleybuses?”

  1. I lived on Capitol Hill in Seattle when the “new” trolleybuses were purchased. The old cars, I believe, dated back to the 50’s and were incredibly clunky. Seattle not only replaced them with brand new vehicles, but extended the miles of overhead cable when it was also replaced. It will be a sad day if they decide to end the trolleybuses.

  2. Oh, and btw, it’s “its”, not “it’s.” You’re using the contraction rather than the possessive.

  3. My little device for remembering “its vs. it’s”, cooked up in elementary school: The apostrophe is for the most severe action. You’re colliding two words together.

    Not an elegant mnemonic device, but with its simplicity, it’s never failed me. :-)

  4. You know the “new” trolleybusses are just new bodies and frames, right? The drivetrains came from the previous trolleybusses–they just refurbished the parts.

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