Pressure for “Plan B” at the CRC

I clearly missed an important meeting at the Columbia River Crossing Independent Review Panel yesterday.

Metro President David Bragdon gave this testimony (PDF, 112K), with a clear call for “Plan B”:

Moreover, we need an expedited process to get us to Plan B quickly, through a collaborative governance model which makes the highway divisions participants in the process, a role for they are qualified, rather than being the manager of the process itself, a role they have shown they are not qualified for.

I’m told that Catherine Ciarlo of Mayor Sam Adams’ office made the same point.

I also understand that technical analysis of project data re-analyzed by a consultant funded by the City (can someone who was at the meeting confirm this) appeared to demonstrate that the project was over-built.

And of course, I suspect everyone there was mulling over last night’s election results in which Councilor Rex Burkholder, one of the architects of the process that led to the current design, placed third in the race to succeed Bragdon, behind Bob Stacey, a harsh critic of the current design (not forgetting of course that Mayor Tom Hughes, who placed first a couple of points ahead of Stacey, has supported pretty much any design that gets the bridge built). The fall runoff will almost certainly feature the CRC as a key issue.

We live in interesting times.

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