It’s More Than One Page, But…

A reader reminds us that back in 2005, a PSU class for Professor Will Macht did a Columbia River Crossing concept around a waterfront development named “Quayside”.

It’s 8 pages (PDF, 2.1M), not one, but the idea of actually linking the CRC to land use is apparently completely foreign to the project team, so I though a refresher might be useful.

2 responses to “It’s More Than One Page, But…”

  1. Great thanks to Robert Liberty for starting this brainstorming project. It is generating a wealth of thoughtful ideas.

  2. After reading and thinking about this proposal, I have the following thoughts.

    1. The cost won’t be close to $200 million. But it would certainly be cheaper than the current design.

    2. I don’t see the benefit of an additional bridge for high speed intercity rail if it is going to run on BNSF tracks in other places.

    3. The new arterial bridge next to the rail bridge would feed traffic through St. Johns and over the St. Johns Bridge. Streets would have to be enlarged to accommodate that traffic.

    4. The proposed light rail alignment means a big detour away from its present location, and on the north side it is far from Vancouver’s population centers.

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