Half a Page on the CRC

I love people who can be succinct. This from Dan Wade.

Dear Councilor Liberty,

I came across a post on portlandtransport.com outlining your request for one-page CRC proposals and thought I would weigh in.

First of all, the initial planning process seemed to woefully neglect the rail bridge west of the I-5 span, which is a shame considering the potential of this structure as a true multimodal facility. I’d suggest upgrading the rail bridge by replacing the swing span with a lift span and adding the following to the structure:

* Additional tracks for freight and high-speed passenger rail
* Pedestrian/bike facilities
* A local arterial road

The arterial would act as an extension of N. Portland Rd., paralleling the railroad tracks across the Willamette River to meet US 30. The pedestrian/bike facilities could connect to the proposed Willamette Greenway Corridor. Furthermore, the arterial would offer connections to Hayden Island, Marine Dr., and Columbia Blvd. (Speaking of Columbia, I could see this corridor being upgraded to a limited access expressway east to I-205, offering an alternate route to I-84 and hopefully reducing freight traffic on Lombard.)

As for the I-5 span itself, whether the final decision ends up being a full replacement or just a supplemental bridge, I’m of the opinion that 8 lanes is probably sufficient. High-capacity transit facilities are a must, whether it’s LRT or something that could easily be retrofitted for LRT as future demand warrants.

Think I’ll sign off now before I go over the one-page limit. Thank you very much for offering this chance to participate in the planning process.

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