CRC One-pager from the Loyal Opposition

JK’s take (PDF, 809K)

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  1. Jim,

    Without a completelt alternate roue across the Columbia, we will still be stuck with increasing traffic on the rest of the I-5 route. Do you want to see us embark on an expensive rebuilding project on that, too? Like Sam Adam’s Freeway Loop Advisory Group proposed in 2005? If they go for the full-tunnel option, that was estimated at $5-8 billion five years ago, how much would it be in 2015 or 2020? Perhaps there is a cheaper fix for that problem—and I think there would be if we relieve pressure with a new route—but starting down this slope will get the dreamers out wanting BIG public projects.

    I am not even sure if we can get federal dollars to do any of that.

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