CRC “Independent Review” Panel Rolls Out Schedule

The Independent Review Panel for the Columbia River Crossing project (appointed by the same folks who have been ramming this project through) has its own web site and this schedule of all-day meetings:

5/19 – kickoff
5/20 – design review

6/1 – planning/environmental
6/2 – project management

6/17 – financial/project management continued
6/18 – operational performance measures

7/7 and 7/8 – location and topics TBD

The May 19th meeting will be at the Expo Center beginning at 8:30.
May 20th will begin at 8am somewhere in Vancouver.

2 responses to “CRC “Independent Review” Panel Rolls Out Schedule”

  1. Well they chose their words carefully:

    “the purpose of the panel is to assure that the basic assumptions underpinning the planning and financial studies of the project are reasonable and sound. ”

    Note the use of “assure” not “ensure”. There goal is to “assure” people about the basic assumptions, not to “ensure” that they are correct.

    Note the discussion of synonyms here:

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