Our First CRC One-Pager

While some folks responded to our request for “one page” ideas for alternatives to the Columbia River Crossing with speculation that you couldn’t replace several years of planning with one page, Jim Howell shows how clearly it can be done:

A Two Crossing Option for the CRC
“Twice the bang for half the bucks”
  1. New High-speed Rail Bridges (including improved infrastructure for trucks, freight trains and marine traffic) Cost – $1 billion
    • Is an essential component of the federally designated Northwest High-speed Rail Corridor “Project of National Significance”
    • Location – adjacent to the freight rail bridges in the BNSF rail corridor
    • Include a “truck-way” connecting Marine Drive and Mill Plain Blvd.
    • High-level bridges (no opening spans)
    • Bi-level long-span over main channel with minimum number of piers
    • 60 feet wide – top level for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians)
    • Replace swing span on BNSF Bridge with new lift span
    • Include passenger train flyover of North Portland Junction
    • Build high-level platform for Vancouver Station or relocate further north
    • Develop a C-Tran bus hub at Vancouver Station
    • Provide Commuter Rail service between Vancouver and Portland US
  2. New Light Rail Bridges (including infrastructure for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians) Cost – $600 million

    • Location – midway between I-5 and BNSF RR Bridges (Force Ave.)
    • High-level bridges (no opening spans)
    • Long-span over main channel with minimum number of piers in river
    • 90 feet wide – two tracks, two travel lanes, 16′ bikeway and 8′ sidewalk
    • Provides Hayden Island with additional vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian access to and from the mainland
    • Hayden Island station at ground level near west end of Mall
    • An additional light rail station in Vancouver could be located to serve the “Boise Cascades” development site.
    • Initially, loop light rail at 17th St. Do not build park an ride garages

These projects, coupled with traffic management techniques such as ramp metering and carpool lanes on I-5, would provide sufficient alternatives for commuters and truckers that traffic demand on I-5 and its interchanges would drop to a level that would eliminate the need for a massive freeway project.

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