If I Were Asking the Questions

If I were on the interview committee for TriMet’s General Manager position, here’s what I’d be asking:

  1. How will you ensure that the agency has sufficient financial reserves to whether economic downturns without extensive service cuts?
  2. How would you develop a series of measures to determine if transit service is being provided equitably across geographic areas and socio-economic groups of customers? How would you balance priority for these measures with maximizing ridership and providing efficient service?
  3. How will you get health care costs under control?

What would you ask?

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One response to “If I Were Asking the Questions”

  1. It’s April Fools’ Day, and I’d better be careful anyway, but here’s some of the things I’d want to ask:

    • In your opinion, how important is it to work with other jurisdictions such as city, county, college, and state governments in the district to ensure that educational opportunities, social services and housing are available along major transit corridors?
    • In your opinion, how important is it to work with the business community to ensure that jobs with descriptions, duties, and hours that are compatible with transit service availability are available to those who rely on transit?
    • In your opinion, how important is it that business and political leaders understand the value of transit, see it as an essential urban service, and how transit is connected with their business and/or services?
    • Many people state “personal choice” when they discuss why they live where they do. Should those who have people in their household who depend on transit services have the personal responsibility to seek housing along major transit corridors that would be immune to total service eliminations?
    • Some people in Portland think that transit is not “green” enough and everyone should instead ride a bicycle. Would you reposition the agency to deal with this additional issue? If so, how?
    • Are you currently active in any community groups primarily served by transit?
    • What do you believe is the role of regular transit riders and the overall community when the agency makes decisions regarding routes, headways, span of service, fares, etc.?
    • What do you believe is the greatest value you would bring to TriMet if you were offered the General Manager position?

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