What Kind of Traveler are You?

Via World Streets:

A survey in Germany identifies five types of travelers, with respect to their attitudes around greenhouse gases and transportation choices:

  1. Public transport rejecters. These believe public transport provides little sense of control or excitement. They are not open to change and see access to mobility as very important.
  2. Car individualists. Similar to public transport rejecters, but are open to change and consider privacy more important.
  3. Weather-resistant cyclists. Positive towards bicycles and will cycle even in bad weather.
  4. Eco-sensitised public transport users. Positive towards public transport and are highly influenced by their environmental conscience.
  5. Self-determined mobile people. Perform the highest percentage of trips by foot; they do not consider mobility important and are not open to change.

I’m probably closest to #4, but also blend in some cycling when the situation and the desire/opportunity for exercise support it.

Which are you?

Would an American survey generate a different set of buckets?

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