Category: Commuting

  • Great Infographic on the History of Commuting

    I’d love to see a version of this for the Portland metro area.

  • How Good is Your Commute Benefit?

    Portland Afoot, the 10-minute low-car life news magazine (disclaimer – I’m on their board), would like to know. They’ve put together a survey they’d like you to have your HR department fill out for the “best employers” feature in their April issue.

  • Would You Like Fries with Your Sprawl?

    I’m told that the room for the weekly PSU Transportation Seminars now allows food and drink. Take advantage at this presentation: Portland State University Center for Transportation Studies Winter 2011 Transportation Seminar Series Speaker: Joe Cortright, Impresa Topic: How Sprawl is Lengthening our Commutes and Why Misleading Mobility Measures are Making Things Worse Abstract: This…

  • Updated: Transit Tax Benefit to Expire?

    Update: 12/21/10 The benefit is safe for 2011. Original post: 11/23/10 Part of the stimulus bill was a provision that allowed employer-provided transit benefits to be deductible expenses at the same level as parking: up to $230 per month. That provision will expire in January and the cap on deductible transit benefits will return to…

  • Get Married, Have a Short Commute

    Apparently, those are the keys to happiness… This article (via Planetizen) suggests that human psychology causes us to fundamentally mis-weight the benefits of a larger home versus a shorter commute when making housing choices.