KBOO Bike Show: Bike Activism and the 2030 Plan

Listen to the show (mp3, 27.1MB)

The theme of today’s show is bike activism in Portland, focusing on efforts to gain support for the 2030 Portland Bicycle Plan, which provides a road map for making Portland a truly world class bicycle city with 25% ridership in the next twenty years. The city council will be voting on the plan tomorrow, February 4th.

Guests include Evan Ross of Portland Bicycle Tours and the Bicycle Business League Ted Buehler, founding member of the Bike Temple; Carl Larson, from the BTA; Mia Birk, bike planner extraordinaire; Jessica Roberts, bike advocate extraordinaire; Joe Kurmanski, author and Jason Meggs, bike activist from the Bay Area.

[Unfortunately, this recording begins a few minutes into the show. We will try to post a replacement later in the week.]


3 responses to “KBOO Bike Show: Bike Activism and the 2030 Plan”

  1. I don’t know the breakdown by mileage, but the plan focuses on three types of facilities:

    1) Boulevards (calmer, low traffic streets)
    2) Off street paths (Sullivans Gulch NoPo Greenway, etc.)
    3) Separated in-road facilities like cycle tracks

    The unbuffered ‘painted lane’ that is the backbone of the existing network is NOT a big focus of this plan. We’re moving to a more segregated system.

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