CRC Mutiny Against the DOTs

The local government representatives on the Columbia River Crossing Project Sponsors Council are in open rebellion, fighting for control of the project.

In a letter to Governors Gregoire and Kulongoski, Metro President David Bragdon, Portland Mayor Sam Adams, new Vancouver Mayor TIm Leavitt and Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart are calling out the project:

…we believe that the cost, physical and environmental elements of the project as currently proposed impose unacceptable impacts on our communities.

And they go on to ask for more local control, citing the way some large transportation projects around Seattle have been managed.

My favorite passage:

Provide project funds for the local governments represented on the Project Sponsors Council to hire and supervise independent experts to verify critical project assumptions and help evaluate the performance of proposed refinements.

It appears to this observer that the local players have essentially said the current vision is bollocks and either they should be allowed to fix it or it’s going to die.

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