Climate Change Battle of the PACs at Metro

Read this very carefully.

On Thursday, JPACT will consider conflicting Climate Change amendments to the Regional Transportation Plan from MPAC and TPAC.

The attached memo (PDF, 143K) makes this even more confusing, but fundamentally the folks on the Metro Policy Advisory Committee, which is focused on land use and community building have proposed a more aggressive stance toward labeling some projects as having worse impacts on greenhouse gases. The Transportation Policy Alternatives Committee adopted a watered-down version of the same.

In both cases the City of Portland proposed the amendments.

The Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation will sort this out Thursday at 7:15AM and send the whole bowl of alphabet soup to the Metro Council.

Bottom line: even though the RTP has some tough policy language about Climate Change, we won’t really be looking at significantly changing the project list until 2014.

Meanwhile the challenge will be to make sure none of the really ugly projects move into construction before then…

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