Tweaking the RTP for Climate Change

Metro is reporting that TPAC (Transportation Policy Alternatives Committee – the technocrats) had a discussion about the impacts of climate change policy on the Regional Transportation Plan, but the momentum still appears to be for the status quo on the project list:

Other TPAC members, while acknowledging the importance and urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation sources, opposed the additional modeling requirement on the grounds that the RTP is scheduled for adoption by ordinance in June 2010, which does not allow sufficient time to design a good model, let alone run it.

TPAC did adopt one amendment along the lines of (this is NOT the final language):

“Accepts the RTP project lists solely for the purposes of obtaining public comment and determining conformance with the Clean Air Act.”

But I’m not clear on the impact of this.

Mayor Adams was successful in getting MPAC (Metro Policy Advisory Committee) to adopt stronger amendments. Expect all of this to come to a head at JPACT (Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation) [on December 10th, I think] before ultimately going to the Metro Council.

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