Time to Reboot the RTP?

Do we need to try again on Metro’s Regional Transportation Plan?

Last week we discussed the lukewarm response from progressive transportation advocates, now we have more specifics:

  • Mayor Adams has tweeted that the plan fails to meet the goals of the Portland/Multnomah County Climate Action Plan.
  • Members of the Sustainability Commission have expressed concern that the plan not only fails to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, but in fact increases emissions over the no-build scenario.
  • Coalition for a LIvable Future has released a detailed critique (PDF, 324K).

CLF’s overall criticisms include:

  • Too much emphasis on road expansion (even without the Columbia River Crossing)
  • Increases in greenhouse gases
  • Lack of equity

and some specific items:

  • Washington County is trying to build its way out of congestion
  • Portland’s Streetcar expansion needs to happen at the edges as well as the center of the City
  • TriMet is failing to provide sufficient operating funding for buses

Local leaders should insist that our transportation investments decrease greenhouse gases rather than increase them!

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