Can We Get a Little Help Here?



Above are two photos of the little signage frames that TriMet puts on bus stop poles when there is no shelter or other opportunity for larger signage.

In the first case, the frame is empty, although someone has helpfully scratched the Transit Tracker ID number onto the glass. In the other, there is an update route description (and stop ID number) but the the glass has grafitti.

I can imagine it’s difficult for TriMet to maintain info on thousands of poles. So why not have an ‘adopt-a-stop’ program and get community members to take on responsibility for maintaining some of these? All it would take is:

1) Sending the frame key to the volunteer
2) A web page where the volunteer can download a current PDF file of the correct info to print out
3) A database so that TriMet can e-mail the volunteer when the info for the stop has changed so they can update the display

I’ll bet that neighborhood associations and business associations would help recruit the volunteers.

Anyone at TriMet want to run with this? We’ll help promote it here at Portland Transport!

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