Bragdon on CRC

A “personal statement” from Metro President David Bragdon about the current state of Columbia River Crossing discussions popped up on Metro’s web site today.

Included in the statement:

We can’t afford that version, and it wouldn’t work anyway: the jumbo proposal has no realistic financing, loses public support the more people learn about it, and would probably make traffic much worse than it is today and/or simply move the traffic to places where it would be even more detrimental to our communities on both sides of the river. There is certainly no point in spending a huge amount of money in ways which just make congestion worse. But there is still a path to success for a Columbia Crossing: over the next several months, working together through the Project Sponsors’ Council on which I serve, local officials and congressional pressure must refine this project back into what was originally intended: a replacement bridge that meets our current and future needs and budget.

Bragdon still favors a replacement bridge, but is clear that the current “jumbo” proposal (his word) is not going to fly.

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