CRC Design Goes from Iconic to “Modest,” “Efficient”

Funny how all the aspirations for the Columbia River Crossing keep shrinking, except of course moving lots of cars…

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  1. Err, the whole justification for the project is to move cars.

    Transit is merely wishful thinking that the current 1650 transit users will grow many times over to make light rail practical.


  2. Doug Allen Says: The links for the pictures seem to be broken. I wish “OregonLive” would improve their web site.

    So polite, Doug. Their website is nothing short of terrible, and no amount of goading has interested them in any improvements over the last few years. That said, I believe it’s a corporate model; every Newhouse newspaper’s website I’ve run across is the same pathetic design. One of my biggest gripes with OregonLive is the considerable delay I’ve observed in getting the morning’s articles online, but even that got a flippant editorial response when I complained about it.

  3. One of my biggest gripes with OregonLive is the considerable delay I’ve observed in getting the morning’s articles online

    They want you to pay $1.00 for the actual paper.

    Money money money, don’t forget what country your living in.

  4. Advance Internet (which runs the Web sites of Newhouse’s newspapers) did actually upgrade their blogging software, which is what might have broken the slide slow. But I won’t get in the way of anyone complaining about the site. For example, they used to have a page listing just the headlines which was great for getting the news onto my Palm. Also, note how this video does not feature

    unique design

    I would encourage you to compare the home pages for these newspapers.

  5. Transportation is more than just cars, so it’s pathetic for this still unaffordable project to cut all the small multimodal project costs and not touch the ridiculously wanton highway features. Seriously, who’s gonna pay for a 600′ wide project destroying everything in it’s path? If people want to move to Vancouver for a few hundred square feet of grass and weeds, then they can pay for the transportation facilities to support their decision.

  6. I guess I should remind JK that Interstate MAX doubled the number of transit users on Interstate Ave and there was an overall 30% jump in transit ridership in the corridor over the course of just one year. Numbers don’t lie..

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