KBOO Bike Show: Bicycle-based Vendors

Listen to the show (mp3, 27.0MB)

Bicycle-based vendors are making their mark on Portland’s street culture and business landscape. Elly and Sara host a discussion with local two- and three-wheeled shopkeepers. Can you fit an entire convenience store onto a bike? What does it feel like to pedal a coffee shop over the Hawthorne Bridge? How is the city permit office handling these new kinds of mobile businesses?


3 responses to “KBOO Bike Show: Bicycle-based Vendors”

  1. Is the espresso machine pedal-powered? Either while-you-brew, or via a battery which is charged by the bike’s drivetrain?

    For some reason, I’m now having visions of the bike-powered haircutting machine Dick van Dyke takes to the funfair in the opening act of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  2. great show Elly and Sara! as I listen to the segment about the bar rush hours that pedicab serves, I’m visited by a fond memory of showing around some friends who were visiting from Montana. As I waited on NW 5th in front of Someday Lounge, waiting for them to meet up with me, I recall watching a pedicab cruise by, and at the perfect moment, one of the very intoxicated and totally ecstatic passengers suddenly bellowing: “WE’RE FROM IDAHO!”…..well, now….a shoutout like that could only get a nod of respect from me…

  3. Does anyone know the contact information for Roth on the show that talked about building a bike food cart? I am interested in a cart like that, but lack the engineering skills to build it.

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