Reflecting on Sunday Parkways


Bike Skills at Colonel Summers Park


eBikes offered by Best Buy – demoed at Laurelhurst Park

Returning from yesterday’s final Sunday Parkways of the season in SE Portland, I’ve noticed that my approach to the event has changed.

Last year and for the first event of this year, I focused mostly on riding the loop, enjoying being out there with the throngs of cyclists, walkers, runners, skateboarders, etc.

The last two events, perhaps because I’ve had volunteer shifts (last time as an ‘intersection superhero’, today at a Stop the CRC table), I’ve been a little more focused on the happenings along the route, and in neither case rode the full loop, but still enjoyed being in the non-auto flow of traffic.

My favorite part is definitely seeing all the kids out there (loved the skills area set up by the “Gateway Green” folks who hope to include a skills park in their project). Let’s start the kids early! (Even saw some pregnant ladies participating today, that’s about as early as you can start the kids.)

The Mayor has announced that we will do five events next year, which is fantastic. One change I’d like to see is to include some business districts on the loops next year. I think we’ve stayed away from business districts on the theory that we don’t want anyone to say we’re chilling business by keeping the cars away. But I suspect a supportive set of merchants would find they could drive business WAY up on a parkway Sunday with the right kind of sidewalk presence. Anyway, let’s try and find out with a willing business association.

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