Another Opportunity to say NO to the CRC

From the Coalition for a Livable Future:

What: Contact the Oregon Transportation Commission and express your opposition to funding for the Columbia River Crossing Project.

Who to Contact: Email the Commissioners c/o Amy Merkling, ODOT Commission Assistant and Citizens’ Representative,
Gail Achterman, Oregon Transportation Commission Chair
Michael Nelson, Oregon Transportation Commission Vice-Chair
Janice Wilson, Oregon Transportation Commission
Alan Brown, Oregon Transportation Commission
David Lohman, Oregon Transportation Commission

Background: The Oregon Transportation Commission will be discussing the allocation of state funding for the Columbia River Crossing at its August 19th meeting, even though the legislature did not fund the CRC in the last session, signaling a lack of statewide support for the project. This omission is particularly notable as an intentional choice of the legislature, as it earmarked almost $1 Billion for other projects in the Jobs and Transportation Act.

Coalition for a Livable Future is urging the Oregon Transportation Commission to not fund the CRC until the project is designed in a way that will help Oregon meet its global warming goals. As possibly the largest infrastructure project in the state’s history, this project should be the first major example of how to build infrastructure to help reduce VMT from today’s levels. The current project design allows an increase of greenhouse gases by over 30% by 2030, working in direct cross-purposes to the state’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. In order to reach this goal, the project needs to be dramatically modified and scaled appropriately to reduce future vehicle miles traveled at or below today’s level. Join CLF by discouraging OTC from supporting the allocation of funds for the Columbia River Crossing project as currently designed.

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