CRC Opposition Moves to Google Earth

If we can’t stop ’em in the real world, we’ll out flank them in the virtual world!

A self-described “animator turned-urban-planning grad student” has created a nice description of induced demand illustrated in Google Earth (you’ll need version 5.0):

Anyone up for an anti-CRC rally in Second Life?

9 responses to “CRC Opposition Moves to Google Earth”

  1. Pretty, but makes a lot of assumptions that haven’t been true anywhere else in the US, and proposes solutions that are politically impossible in this country.

    Has the author even been to N Portland during the evening rush hour? Everything northbound seems to be gridlocked, avoiding I-5. How will replacing the bridge make that traffic worse?

    The Fremont interchange is a red herring, because it could be improved upon, and most of the traffic isn’t going to downtown. Most traffic from Vancouver is going to North Portland, from every study relating to the CRC that I’ve seen. That’s why the auxiliary lanes end there.

    I’d prefer to see another crossing proposed instead (as I’ve mentioned many, many times), but I’ll support the CRC if this is the best argument against it that anyone can come up with.

    To beat another dead horse, act of congress to toll, federal funding out the window if we do the phased improvements without fixing I-5 as well, etc.

  2. Very cool! Kinda funny, I was watching the animations during my econ class and my prof started mentioning the CRC (public vs private, tolls, tansit, etc). I was inches away from jumping up and using these as a visual aid. Others sitting around me also commented.

  3. I’m the creator of the animation, thanks for the comments! The animation is unabashedly anti-CRC propaganda, that’s for sure.

    The main ideas and alternatives come from the site. I’m not personally convinced the alternatives they present are the best solution (and as Dave H says, a few are politically impossible), but I am convinced the CRC is not the solution either.

  4. I don’t get it – is there supposed to be sound or something? I watched lots of colored lines moving around, didn’t know what was being conveyed. This is the first GE “movie” I’ve seen, so I may just be dense. The bridge models were cool though.

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