CRC to Survey 70,000 Drivers

The release doesn’t specify, but I’m assuming this must be driven by photos of license plates?

April 7, 2009

Carley Francis, 360-816-8869
CRC Public Information Officer

New survey helps refine traffic models
CRC project asks for drivers to return forms

VANCOUVER – The Columbia River Crossing project is conducting additional analysis of traffic across the Columbia River and asks for assistance from drivers.

About 70,000 owners of vehicles that crossed the Columbia River on I-5 or I-205 during daylight hours on Tuesday, March 10, will receive a short survey in the mail, part of what traffic engineers call an “origin and destination” study.

“These studies, which help identify types of trips and the distances people travel, are very important in our ongoing traffic modeling,” said Project Director Doug Ficco. “The more people that fill out the survey, the better our traffic modeling will be.”

The nine-question survey asks for information about the drivers’ purpose for the trip, how often they make the trip, length of trip and county of residence.

Results from this survey will be used to verify and refine traffic projections. A similar survey of weekend travel is planned to occur later this spring.

Currently, I-5 across the Columbia River experiences up to six hours of congestion each day. On average 135,000 vehicles cross the Columbia River on I-5 each weekday. By 2030, 184,000 vehicles are predicted to use the I-5 bridge, if no action is taken.

CRC is a bi-state project to reduce congestion, enhance mobility and improve safety on I-5 between SR 500 in Vancouver and Columbia Boulevard in Portland. The project will replace the I-5 bridge, extend light rail to Vancouver, improve seven interchanges, and enhance the bicycle and pedestrian path between the two cities. Cost estimates for the project range from $3.1 to $4.2 billion, a portion of which would be financed by tolls. More information may found at:


6 responses to “CRC to Survey 70,000 Drivers”

  1. Isn’t this survey a few years late?

    This should have been done at the stat of the CRC fiasco.


  2. The I-5 Task Force…so called “Trade Partnership”…did not have one piece of data on the movement of freight. Just talk, no data.
    Is all this a PR campaign or what…well a poor PR campaign for the $50 million spent so far.

  3. I think this is a late April Fools joke.
    And there are many morning southbound trips in vehicles with Oregon plates…despite the registration requirements.

  4. And there are many morning southbound trips in vehicles with Oregon plates…despite the registration requirements.

    Could they be rentals or company cars? How about OR residents that work odd hours?

    I know people who qualify in both cases.

  5. The battle is going to be over voting for the light rail portion as proponets try and side step or fix a vote with gerrymandering.

    Proponents’ interest in the bridge is for the obstructing of roads use and the adding of light rail, ped/bike improvments which do nothing to accomodate the increasing volume of traffic.

    Every other choke point project in sight is getting the same treatment.

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