CRC Sponsors Council to Take Up Tolling

From the press release:

Columbia River Crossing Project Sponsors Council meets May 4

VANCOUVER – The Columbia River Crossing Project Sponsors Council will begin a discussion of tolling at its next meeting on Monday, May 4.

The agenda includes an update on recent tolling legislation, a background presentation and discussion of lessons learned from tolling outreach on other northwest highways, and a beginning discussion on how to study and engage the public on tolling for the Columbia River Crossing project.

Multiple sources will be necessary to fund construction of the Columbia River Crossing project, including federal, state, regional and local sources, and tolls. Specific toll collection strategies have not been identified, but tolls would be collected electronically to avoid the need for toll booths.

The Project Sponsors Council also will begin discussing the concept of “performance measures” for ensuring optimal long-term performance of the Columbia River crossing. The need for such measures was identified during the March Project Sponsors Council meeting. A performance measurement technical group will be formed in June to develop performance measurements for consideration later this year.

The public meeting will be held 1:30 – 3 p.m. at the Clark County Public Services Center, sixth floor hearing room, 1300 Franklin Street, Vancouver. Meeting materials are available at:

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