Transit Boards Get a Little Simpler and More Flexible

We’re starting to see our Transit Board™ tool show up in some interesting places.

And now we’ve made it even simpler to use.

Previously there were two ways set up a ‘place’ for a Transit Board:

  • Use our generic look & feel and specify a series of stop ids for the listing
  • Have us create a custom ‘choice set’ for you that could include customized text, colors and sizes and specific choices of transit lines.

Now we’ve combined the best of both worlds! We can create a choice set for you that specifies custom look and feel, and then you can combine that with a list of stop ids. That way we can put in the effort once to get a customized look for you, and after that you build as many Transit Boards as you want.

Here’s the hybrid URL format:<choice_set_id>&banner=<title text>&stop=<stop 1>&stop=<stop 2>&…

For example

3 responses to “Transit Boards Get a Little Simpler and More Flexible”

  1. The 15 second refresh time really starts to not work with longer lists of stops, or stops with lots of routes…

    For example, this set:

    It is very hard to look through the list to find your arrival/departure before it gets refreshed, and you have to start over.

    I wonder if it would be possible to dynamically adjust the refresh time based on the length of the result set? Maybe move to 20 or 25 seconds for the larger result sets.

    Just a thought.

  2. I don’t want to make more work for Chris :-), but it might be possible to use JavaScript/AJAX to track and update various vehicles, so that the whole list doesn’t need to refresh… animation effects could be used to “ripple” the information up and down if times transpose. I’ve seen some airline departure boards that do this.

  3. John, it actually goes back to 60 seconds after a few minutes (trying to separate folks who just brought it up to decide on a trip NOW versus boards that are running for long periods of time).

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