Wither Fareless Square?

Updated: 02/09/2009

Here’s the presentation (PDF, 1.6M) given to TriMet’s Board of Directors on the topic…

Original Post: 01/28/2009

Earlier today the TriMet Board received a briefing on Fareless Square choices to coincide with the September opening of the Green Line. My understanding is that this is the beginning of a public process that TriMet will be conducting.

While I have not yet seen the presentation materials from the meeting, they were based in part on this consultant’s report (PDF, 816K). Based on the report and buzz around town, the smart money is on a recommendation to limit Fareless Square to rail only.

This will set up an interesting choice for Streetcar when the Loop opens in 2011. If Streetcar stays with TriMet fare policy, half the loop would be fareless and half would be a Zone 1-2 fare. This hardly seems equitable and Streetcar is going to have to take a hard look at this.

I’m sure this topic is going to get a LOT of discussion in the next few months. Stay tuned.

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