Learn to Live Car-Free

From the Southeast Uplift online newsletter:

Community Conversations
Sunnyside-Centenary United Methodist Church 3520 SE Yamhill Tuesday, February 17
7 PM

Transition Sunnyside is a project of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association’s Sustainability Committee to inspire a community-level conversation about how to begin shifting our patterns of living away from a heavy reliance on fossil fuels (oil, gas, grid-supplied electricity) and toward more local alternatives for food, transport, household energy and water.

The lecture series will feature films, guest speakers, round table discussions and workshops.

The February conversation will feature a round table on living and getting around car-free in Portland.

For updates and more details visit their website and click on Sustainability.

Bring your friends!

Questions? 503-231-5059 or e-mail 9watts@gmail.com

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