City Council Focus on CRC This Week

Two City Council meetings focus on the Columbia River Crossing this week, both at City Hall in the Council Chambers:

  • Monday, 10AM – Joint work session with the Metro Council:

    • Review of two Council’s resolutions, progress report on what has been completed
    • Review of Induced Demand and Greenhouse Gas Reports
    • Report on Tolling work to date
    • Number of lanes
    • Tolling

  • Thursday at 2PM: Public Hearing – see the Coalition for a Livable Future Action Alert

9 responses to “City Council Focus on CRC This Week”

  1. Opening remarks by MAYOR ADAMS.

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeee dogggggy!

    Poor Sam, wouldn’t want to be in his shoes!

    Give us the head of AMY RUIZ,then all will be well!

  2. There is an Exhibit of Artworks depicting a Green
    Park-Covered Columbia River Crossing Bridge at the NW Lucky Lab Brewpub on nw Quimby above 19th st. [activity rm] The Park Roof will protect all drivers/bikers/walkers from the winter weather
    [reducing accidents/saving lives] , and the Park Plantlife will absorb all pollution runoff
    [eliminating expensive treatment/saving salmon]
    The Park Roof can be built for the same money as the proposed toy windmills , and would give us a world – class Green Gateway to the Northwest!

  3. Can anyone confirm Mayor Adams participated in this discussion? He is a critical piece of this discussion, I think it would be a good sign of his getting back on track to be involved in this.

  4. I can confirm that Sam Adams is paying close attention to PORTLAND TRANSPORT and this particular discussion.

    I heard that directly from Beau!

  5. I still find it odd people are so concerned with the number of lanes. The Marquam and Fremont are both eight lanes, so eight definitely shouldn’t be a problem. Ten is reasonable if you’re counting the aux lanes, and twelve will be eliminated because the traffic models won’t show a benefit from the added construction costs.

    Maybe it would be 12 if we end up with HOV or truck lanes, but if it ends up all GP/aux lanes 10 is the reasonable amount to build, otherwise we’re intentionally building bottlenecks (and thus, wasting fuel, polluting the air more than needed, and all those bad things.)

    I’d still love to see a cost comparison against replacing the rail bridge with a 4 lane/train/lrt/pedestrian combination across Hayden Island instead. Tear out the Jantzen Beach ramps for some real estate to pay for it even.

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