Greening the CRC

The latest diversion from the climate change impacts of a 12-lane bridge? Wind turbines.

2 responses to “Greening the CRC”

  1. So Funny!!!

    I mentioned years ago at the CRC meeting that the bridge needed to be iconic. Now only after adding wind turbines do we finally see a cable-stayed structure. I had been told back then that having multiple lower towers wouldn’t work with the Pearson Airpark demands.

    So funny that the engineers say it can’t be done and then: Look! Now we have towers and cable suspension! Who know that we could do it!

    This has been such a joke from a public relations standpoint. They told me that HSR couldn’t be incorporated into the design and I lost interest. But now we have designs that give the CRC a true “iconic” nature. Maybe they finally understand what the CRC can mean to the region.

    Ray Whitford

  2. Great idea. It WOULD be more attractive than a concrete slab. Strip a half dozen freeway lanes off the new bridge, recycle the existing bridges for local traffic and transit, and we might have something worth talking about.

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