CRC Peer Review Unlikely to Convince Skeptics

Saturday’s Oregon reports on the presentation of a peer review panel of “leading traffic forecasters from Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas and Sacramento”.

The panel’s conclusion:

A bridge with double the current number of lanes would have “minimal” impact on growth, the panel concluded, even though the project would nearly eliminate the evening rush-hour for commuters from Clark County, one of the fastest growing areas of the region.

But Metro President David Bragdon wasn’t necessarily convinced:

“So then it comes down to, what’s your faith in modeling?” asked Metro Council President David Bragdon, later citing the growth of urban regions where highways grew and sprawl followed. “Especially when you’re constantly being asked to … ignore the lessons of the last 50 years?”

Meanwhile, significant funding for the project doesn’t appear to be on anyone’s short-term priority list.

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