TriMet announces new security measures, personnel.

TriMet issued a press release yesterday outlining expansion of it’s security measures. Announced enhancements include:

  • Hiring 15 more police officers.
  • Hiring additional Field Supervisors (who may now check fares) and combining them with Fare Inspectors.
  • Working with the District Attorney to request legislative changes to increase fines and penalties.
  • Using a TSA grant to add cameras to 6 more MAX stations.

See the press release for greater detail regarding the changes. The release also lists changes previously made regarding security since November, 2007.

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  1. Did something happen, as in is this in reaction to a recent event? I looked when I heard of this and didn’t see anything reported. Or this kind of a one-year follow-up?

    One other thing, would it be better if the fare inspectors (lower case = anyone who is to check fares) had more power, maybe the ability to arrest people?

  2. I think this is generally a follow-up to a process started after the incidents last year — there have been other press releases along the way.

  3. Once again, Fred Hansen is front and center when it comes to MAX “improvements”, and has no problem finding funding for MAX.

    I wish he had the same dedication towards finding and supporting improvements to the bus system (i.e. accessing section 5309 grants for bus purchases). The latest “improvement” has been to eliminate schedule information on bus stops.

  4. How come none of the new police officers are being assigned to the North Precinct? We’ve got a rail line and a police precinct too… (The North Precinct police commander actually shows up at our neighborhood association meetings and tells us to call 911 more often because otherwise we are going to lose our precinct.)

  5. How come none of the new police officers are being assigned to the North Precinct?

    From my reading, it would appear that Transit Police precincts are not the same as Portland Police precincts. North Portland is almost certainly covered by either the Transit Central or Transit Eastside Precinct.

  6. I dunno, I’m worn out by this issue, I guess they are moving in the right direction.

    They still need to make some major improvements, Like securing the max stations, abolishing fare less square, and revamping the unenforceable transfer/ticket/pass structure.

    None of those topics are on the table, so in essence nothing will change.

  7. As any police officer knows, except at budget time, real security is the eyes and ears of the public on the street/train/park, whatever.
    MAX stations need to be more open, not more closed. Make it easier for those eyes and ears to work. Police should lay off bicyclists who coast thru stop signs and get out there where real work needs to be done.

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