Another iPhone Transit App

There’s another entrant into the iPhone real-time display space: Portland Transit.

The route/stop browser is not as strong as on the PDX Bus app mentioned earlier, but it does offer a GPS-based “stops near your location” feature.

And this one costs $1.99… But it has a much nicer icon :-)

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  1. I’d be curious if the location aware feature required an iPhone 3G (GPS) or if it worked pretty good with the IMEI triangulation that the original iPhone does. In metro areas, the triangulation can be quite accurate.

    Either way, good show on another choice!

  2. I am told that the developer of that app is seventeen years old. Walking through the screenshots really impressed me with the thoroughness of development, especially the incorporation of maps. Like AW said, it *almost* made me want an iPhone.

  3. “Another way for America’s consumerist society to waste $2. I wonder how many downloads I’ll need to bail out.”

    Yeah, heavens forbid that someone be compensated for their time and effort.

    You work for free, Dave?

  4. Thanks. I’m curious what you mean by the route/stop browser not being as strong as PDXBus. Looking at it, it seems pretty much the same to me, except that PDXBus splits up the in/outbound stops. Is that what you mean?

  5. Exactly so…

    My experience is that usability is very directly related to how long a list I have to scroll through. I’d love to see a filter that could initially position you in the stop navigation based on your location, i.e., when you pick a line, the default stop is the one closest to you!

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