KBOO Bike Show: War on Wheels?

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Is there a war on wheels? Is there any difference between a “crash” and an “accident?” The August KBOO Bike Show will address recent media coverage of bike-related issues in Portland. Guests Amy Ruiz, Portland Mercury News Editor, and Jonathan Maus of BikePortland.org join hosts Ayleen Crotty and Carl Larson to analyze recent incidents, the resulting media coverage, and its influence on public perceptions. Portland’s streets are famously friendly to bicyclists. Can the same be said about Portland’s news sources?


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  1. Pretty funny listening to some of those panelists talk about how:


    When they themselves are guilty of the
    type of news reporting on other issues that somehow they feel are ok to play into.

    Talk about BS,
    that KBOO show is full of it!

    There has been a lot of [expletive deleted] going on around vehicles and bikes for a long long time.

    The two types of transportation DO NOT repeat:

    DO NOT

    flow together well.

    Al M

  2. BTW-

    There has been a VERY NOTICEABLE improvement in the behavior of bicyclists, at least on the west side.

    Not only are the majority of bicyclists now waiting at red lights, there are cooperative “waves” as bicyclists and buses ‘weave’ through the traffic together.

    So if nothing else, the publicity has brought the issue to the forefront of the community at large and has fostered a more cooperative attitude between bicyclists and motorists.

    The vast majority of motorists/bicyclists have no desire to skirmish with each other, the incidents are isolated.

    But the law breakers on bikes are not isolated.

    It’s nice to see bicyclists following the laws.

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