Express Your View on the CRC NOW!

It’s time to let Portland City Council know how YOU feel about the Columbia River Crossing proposal.

Onward Oregon has an action page you can use to e-mail all members of Portland City Council (even if you favor the project you can use this page, you just have to tailor the message).

Don’t delay!

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  1. What kind of letter is that; we need 12 lanes. The whole I-5 between salem and battleground needs to be 12 lanes. We don’t need a 1.5 billion dollar light rail line.

  2. “The whole I-5 between salem and battleground needs to be 12 lanes.”

    Really? You don’t think there’s some stretches where 8 or 10 lanes would do? (Or even the current 3?)

    I can understand arguments in favor of widening by a lane as far as Wilsonville, plus expansions in the vicinity of Woodburn and perhaps Keizer through South Salem (and I know a number of people who would be very happy with 6 lanes for the slog between South Salem and Albany), but 12, everywhere, all the way?

    Any idea what that might cost, incidentally?

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