13 Groups Request CRC Comment Period Extension

Led by the Pacific Environmental Advocacy Center, thirteen organizations have signed on to a letter (PDF, 81K) requesting an additional 60 days be added to the comment period for the Columbia River Crossing Draft Environmental Impact statement. From the letter:

Concerned citizens and implicated agencies cannot adequately participate in the NEPA process if they are only given 60 days to analyze and comment on a highly technical 5,000 page document. Meaningful public participation is central to the NEPA process. NEPA requires the sponsoring agencies to “make diligent efforts to involve the public in preparing and implementing their NEPA procedures.” 40 CFR § 1506.6 (a). The Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) NEPA implementing regulations further reflect the need for genuine public input, stating FHWA’s policy that “[p]ublic involvement and a systematic interdisciplinary approach be essential parts of the development process for proposed actions.” 23 CFR § 771.105(c). FHWA cannot seriously assert that a 60-day comment period meets its requirement to make public input an essential part of the final EIS, considering the scope and length of the DEIS.

Portland Transport is one of the 13 organizations signing on to the request…

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