TriMet Gets Tough

Via the Daily Journal of Commerce, TriMet has toughened their exclusion policies:

TriMet is adding intimidation as behavior restricted on the system, which includes violent, threatening or disruptive behavior or conduct intended and likely to provoke a violent response.

TriMet also is adding boisterous and unreasonably loud conduct as a restriction on the system.

“These changes give us more options to deal with problem riders and make riding transit more comfortable for everyone,” said TriMet General Manager Fred Hansen in a statement. “It allows more TriMet personnel to immediately remove a rider who’s being excessively loud and boisterous. These, along with more police officers, security cameras and other safety enhancements, make TriMet a safer and more comfortable transit system.”


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  1. You know, as much as I prefer an uneventful bus ride… I’m more comfortable with someone being disruptive but getting to my destination on time than I am having a police officer step on to the bus to remove a disruptive person (in some ways, the attention seems to reward their disruptive behavior, and it’s not like these people are really considering the consequences anyhow) from time to time. That’s a 5-10 minute delay.

    The Cure is worse than the disease here.

  2. complainer!

    ya know what?


    However, having the get tough policy is a damn good idea!

    Personally, I think TRIMET really came through on the security issues.

    From where I sit, I think the management did everything possible to better the security on our transit system, I’m quite satisfied.

  3. I just found Bob’s little video about Pioneer square:

    Bob, you were too easy on that jerk.

    If there is no refrence to a ban in the city code, did he violate the Federal law against denying your constitutional rights under color of authority (The law they used in the Rodney King case).


  4. JK, thanks for mentioning that. It is being discussed over at the Portland Mercury (it doesn’t directly relate to transportation so I didn’t mention it here.)

    Here’s the Mercury Blog post.

    I have discussed this with a representative of Commissioner Saltzman’s office and I’m awaiting a call back from the City Attorney’s Office. I’ll post updates when I learn more.

    Anyone interested, please discuss over at the Mercury.

    Thanks again,
    Bob R.

  5. There’s an article and some short comments over on LocalNewsDaily about this as well (they’ve turned off comments over there though). The article doesn’t say anything other than what the post here says.

    Does this mean the kid who threw the temper tantrum on that 4-Division a month or two ago whose mother refused to quiet him down would both be kicked off for six hours (or until the kid can behave)?!

    Another thing I should point out is stuff like video and audio surveillance doesn’t make me feel any safer – it still lets crimes happen and it can be doctored. The best thing to do is make sure the people who aren’t going to cause problems feel welcome, so that more people who aren’t going to cause problems join them; and when a few people who think they’re going to cause problems get on board and try to cause them, there’s an entire bus load of people who’d be glad to make sure the next stop is theirs (even if it’s 2 blocks from where they got on).

  6. I think that this is a swell Idea but what of the drivers that provoke such actions espeacially in the younger riders?

  7. I am really glad to see TriMet {finally} taking action against this rude behaviour. I have noticed that both passengers and riders in Salem are more courteous. In fact, the drivers are on a first name basis with a lot of the riders here and their buses are newer, cleaner and more comfortable. TriMet should get these nice buses that have cushioned seats. They should also do something about the rude drivers, if they are also going to do something about the surly passengers. Just my two cents from down here in the valley :)

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