StreetFilm: BRT in Bogotá

A few weeks ago we posted a link to a video of the Eugene EmX bus rapid transit line. Today, courtesy of Streetsblog, we have a seven-minute video of a much more expansive BRT system, the TransMilenio in Bogotá, Colombia. During peak hours their control center coordinates up to 1,000 buses an hour. This is an interesting video to watch and gives us pictures of a mature and efficient BRT operation serving a large city.

Want to learn more about Bus Rapid Transit? Watch this StreetFilm and let Streetsblog editor Aaron Naparstek show you how BRT works in Bogotá, Colombia. Take a gander and you’ll see an efficient, modern and — relatively speaking — inexpensive way of moving 1.3 million people per day.

In Bogotá, where the BRT system goes by the much more sexy name, TransMilenio, you’ll travel almost three times the speed of the typical New York City bus. The average TransMilenio vehicle travels at 17.4 mph. In New York City, buses poke along at 6.2 mph. Some TransMilenio routes average nearly 25 mph!

Watch the video: BRT in Bogotá

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